This is a free service that allows you to easily upload small files with just one line. Here are some important notes:
  1. Human action is purposeful behavior. You are a rational being who acts purposefully based on your will. According to the law of causation, your actions generate consequences in the real world, and you (and only you) are responsible for those consequences. The purpose of this fancy, philosophical paragraph is solely to emphasize that you are the only one responsible for the content you upload here.
  2. Don't upload illegal shit here. Also, don't upload important things that can't be lost. Expired files cannot be recovered. If you uploaded something important and the file expired, that's not my problem.
  3. Although I don't really care about what you upload here, as long as it's not illegal, this service collects and stores logs about its usage (IP address, file size, file type, timestamps etc). Just like pretty much any webserver. If you don't like it, that's not my problem.
  4. Uploaded files are stored in their original form, without encryption. Anyone with a valid link can download a file if it's still alive. I won't control who is downloading what, so make sure you don't upload things like personal information, passwords, nudes of your ex and things like that for too long. If you do so and someone gets the file, that's not my problem. If you really messed up and urgently need to delete a file with a long lifetime, send an email to delete[at]0x7359[dot]com with the following information: 1. The IP address you used to upload the file 2. The original file name 3. The date when you uploaded the file
  5. "Oh but I don't have that information" Guess what? That's not my problem.
Bugs/Suggestions? Let me know! =)
Mail: clip[at]0x7359[dot]com